The following are actual quotes from some of our many satisfied clients.

*Although we do not list the full name and contact information of our satisfied clients on this page, we want you to know that we will provide you with this information upon request, so that you can verify these testimonials for yourselves.

"Thank you! So far out of the 10 leads I purchased I have met with 3 appts and out of the 3 it appears I will close 2 of them very soon. I love the quality and as a program agent you are making my life much easier. With continued quality leads as they are you are playing a part in me taking over an additional office in the spring. As soon as I utilize all of the leads currently purchased I will be spending more money with Northfield. I needed large quality accounts in a short amount of time.

Thank you so much,"

- M.Bass
Agency Owner

"Thank you very much for the lead last on Spectrum Electric, Inc.! I went to that appointment and found out their renewal was on Monday the 6th. After working most of the weekend, I was able to "Land" the account on Monday A $20,000.00 account!!!!! WOW, how good it that!!!! if I were there I would give you a "High Five"!!!

Northfield Leads is super! I will be a long time customer!"

- M.Dyer

"Jim, just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I enjoy working with you at Northfield. You have made my job much easier as it pertains to selling Commercial Insurance , we have written over $575,000 in new Commercial Premium (over the last 2 years) as a direct result of leads provided by your company. Thank you for all the hard work from both you and your staff. Looking forward to continued success for the rest of the year and into the future."

- R. Phillips
Insurance Agent

"I am writing this email to Thank you for all your hard work for Dunn Insurance, Inc. and the excellent experience we have had with Northfield Leads and you. Since we started with Northfield Leads last year, we have done approximately $150,000 in 12 months. To date for the year, Dunn Insurance, Inc to has done $100,000 and its only May! We have had great success with Northfield leads! Again, we appreciate all your hard work and dedication to our Agency."

- R. Dunn
Insurance Agent

"I just wanted to let you know the great job your company has done for us. We got a lead from you less than 30 days ago. The appointment was valid, we met with the client, we compared coverages and prices. We worked with the client over the past two weeks to get the best policies for the client and today closed the account. This is a $12,000.00 account for the agency. Thank you!"

- S. Morgan, CPCU, AIC
Agency Owner

"Thank you for your Outstanding Leads!! So far we are five for five in closing the sale on the appointments that Northfield Leads has provided us!! You guys have been great to work with. You are Awesome! I have and will recommend Northfield Leads to everyone. Thanks again!"

- M. Dyer
Insurance Agent & Owner

"Just as an FYI I have been very pleased with the leads provided so far. They have been exactly as advised!"

- D. Wilkerson
Insurance Agent

"The commercial leads you have provided have been very beneficial to our commercial sales growth. The leads were good with interested buyers and always gave us the decision maker. Thanks for your excellent service."

- S. Morgan
Agency Owner

"Northfield Leads provided our agency excellent appointments that lead to $712,000 in new Commercial Business Premium in 12 months. We plan to re-order in a few weeks. They are highly recommended."

- P. Felix
Insurance Agent